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To contact staff via email, please use the person's first initial, last name followed by  Example:   To reduce spam we do not post our staff emails on our web site.  If you have questions regarding a hyphenated name, please contact the webmaster or call the school for the correct email address.  
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PersonnelRole/Grade/Job TitleVoice Mail Extension
PersonnelRole/Grade/Job TitleVoice Mail Extension
Carter, Stacy Grade 2 3015 
Castle, Cindy Administrative Assistant 3010 
Collis, Kristen Special Educator (pm) 3023 
Cota, Shelly Instructional Assistant 3024 
Davey, Marcie Special Educator 3025 
Ellis, Carina Music Teacher 3037 
Esterline, Holly Librarian 3022 
Farris, Adam School Based Clinician 3035 
Faulkner, Nancy Nurse, W-F 3013 
Foley, Sue Grade 3-4 3026 
Gadhue, Caitlin Grade 1 2027 
Irish, Dwight Instructional Assistant 3024 
Knox, Betsy Principal 3011 
Kuzio, Katie Grade 5-6 3036 
Livingston, Jenny Grade 1 3014 
Lynch, Sharon Kindergarten 3020 
Mack, Hilary Nurse, M-T 2013 
McLane, Virginia Grade 3-4 3018 
Murray, Stephanie Literacy Interventionist 3023 
Newton, Justin PE 3031 
Nichols, Violet Math 3025 
Noble, Camille Instructional Assistant 3024 
O'Sullivan, Rachel Grade 5-6 3029 
Pierpont, Kelly Grade 5-6 3021 
Preston, Debbie School Cook 3030 
Raymond, Steve Facility Manager 3033 
Record, Isaac Custodian 3033 
Smith, Sheri Instructional Assistant 3024 
Tatlock, Carolyn Guidance 3019 
Tinker, Amy Food Service Manager 3030 
Totu, Rebeca Kindergarten Instructional Assistant 3020 
Zide, Trina Art Teacher 3027 
Showing 32 items