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Dear Families,

Happy January!    While I am grateful that we did not have subzero temperatures this week, yesterday’s incredibly warm weather was just a bit bizarre.   We do have snow and that allows for sledding at recess and body break times.   I wanted to thank Kristin Blanchette and the PTO for their support of new sleds for this activity.  Our old sleds were cracked and just plain worn out.  Thank you PTO!

Each month Four Winds parent volunteers provide classrooms with experiences in natural science.   I wanted to acknowledge the parents who support this program for our students.   Thank you to Kristin Mayhew, Helen Norris, Karen Parker, Kristin Blanchette, Adam Tarmy, Jen Windsor, Jessica Yates, Buzz Kuhns, Joie Crary, Sarah Rougier, Megan Seymour, Dawn Vukas, Emily Adriance, Deb Preston, Emmalee Cherrington, and John McNerney.    We appreciate their time in planning and preparation of lessons for children.   A huge thank you to Karen Parker for her coordination of this Four Winds Program.

Congratulations to our Grade 5 mathematicians.   They competed in a National SumDog Mathematics competition.  SumDog is an adaptive computer program that adjusts the questions based on students’ abilities. Questions and content are aligned to our Common Core State Standards.  I am very pleased and proud to share with you that our Grade 5 students won their competition!   We now have another trophy added to our collection!   

Enjoy the long weekend.




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