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Dear Families,

 Today we practiced another safety drill, an off- site evacuation.  Should a situation arise at school where we need to evacuate the building, we need to be prepared.   We understand that any emergency event that occurs at a school has the potential to be a very scary and vulnerable situation.   Working with our parents, in advance, to maintain our school protocols will allow school personnel to keep all students safe and accounted for until reunification with their families.   We have prepared this Question/Answer guide to assist with communicating our expectations for parent support during a time of emergency.  

Q:   What is the school’s protocol should there be a situation where students cannot re-enter the building?

Our standard evacuation plan requires all students and staff to convene in the lower parking lot.  Attendance is taken.  Should we not be able to re-enter the building, we will walk to Morse Park.  Buses will meet us there to transport everyone to an alternate location.  Students and staff will stay together.

 Q:   Should I come to the school or Morse Park?

No.  We request that parents do not come directly to the school or Morse Park.  Please comply with directions from Blackboard Connect alert messaging system.  Our checklists that facilitate accounting for each and every child will be with school personnel at the relocation site.

Q:  How will parents be informed?

We will enact our Blackboard Connect to inform you by phone (similar to what we do for snow days) of the nature of the emergency and how the school is responding to that emergency.  Do not call the school, the State Police, or the Addison County Sheriff.  Emergency personnel need to be available and able to respond to the situation.  We will provide frequent updates to you through our Blackboard Connect system.   Please ensure the school office has your current contact information.

Q:  Should I call my child’s cell phone?

No.   We understand that families will want to reach out to their children in an emergency situation.     Overloading the system would impede the work of school personnel and safety officials who rely on cell phones in an emergency.   

By following these protocols, we can do our job and keep your children safe and calm.   Thank you for your understanding.

Enjoy the weekend!






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