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Dear Families,

     Happy Friday!   We have had a busy week at MCS.   I think we all get a bit nervous when we have a snow day as early as November 12!  Let’s hope that future storms are more favorable to the school day schedule! 

     With the wintry weather comes questions about outdoor gear.  We go outside for recess when the temperature with the windchill is above zero.  Students should be dressed with the appropriate clothing for outside activities.  Some students have asked about bringing sleds and snowboards from home for use at recess.  While we appreciate that students want to showcase their skills, we feel that it is best if we use the equipment we have here for sledding and building snow forts.  Please do not send in winter sports equipment for use at recess time.  Thank you.

     More progress has been made on building security.  Our cameras our now operational and signs are posted.   In conversations with our after school Expanded Learning Program (ELP) staff we are now keeping our front door locked all day.  This provides additional security to our students during after school hours.  The ELP staff have been in communication with families to make sure that pick up can run smoothly.

     We have had many questions about a Harvest Luncheon.  Yes, we will have a Harvest Luncheon on Thursday December 12.  Please see additional information in this newsletter.  We hope many families join us for this event.

     On Wednesday, November 20, the MAUSD School Board will host the third “Let’s Talk” event at Mt. Abe from 6:00-8:30 p.m..   Please plan to attend.   Your voice is  important as the MAUSD School Board considers the future of our district.   Additional information about this event is also included in this newsletter.  I have a class on Wednesday nights so you will not see me at this event.  Please know that I am interested and will follow up with Monkton colleagues about the themes shared by the community.

     At our staff meeting this week, we decided to revive the use of Student Success/Reflection Plans, the fourth step in our Steps to Self- Control.    The plan provides the student with an opportunity to reflect on his/her actions and consider what could have been done differently.   The plan goes home for a parent signature and is then returned to school.   Staff members will be emailing parents about the situation.   This ongoing communication with families allows us to work together as a team to support students.

     I wanted to extend my apologies to families about last Friday’s communications regarding the buses.  I now have a list of families that ride each of our four buses which will allow me to communicate up to date information to relevant families.  While I hope we don’t repeat the challenges we faced last week, I am better prepared to respond to an emergency situation.  The use of all three mediums (text, voice mail, and email) will allow my message to reach a greater number of families.

Enjoy the weekend!




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