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Finger printing will be available for Volunteers at our Open House on Wednesday, 9/25, from

6:00-7:30 in the gym.  A Volunteer packet was included in the newsletter and linked on our Monkton Central School home page  (left side bar).



News from the Principal

Dear Families,

We have had a wonderful week at school.  Students have done a very nice job of following our school-wide expectations.  We have a bulletin board in the hallway that shows the mountain lion climbing from rock to rock.   As each class fills a “Cat Coin” jar, he climbs to a new rock.  He is almost to the top.  An all-school celebration will take place very soon!

Our PAWS expectations also apply to riding the bus.  As we have in the classroom, we have Steps to Self-Control.  Some bus drivers proactively assign seats for students to help support positive behaviors on the bus.  If we receive a Bus Behavior Referral regarding a student’s unsafe behavior, we will talk with the student and contact the parent.  We take the safety of all children very seriously and so riding the bus is a privilege.  When a student is not safe on the bus, it distracts the bus driver which could lead to a dangerous situation.  Thank you for talking with your child about safely riding the bus.

Our Monkton PTO does a wonderful job providing enrichment activities for our students.  Money for these activities is raised in many ways.   The PTO Silent Auction will take place at the Open House on Wednesday, 9/25.   Today our Meadow Farm catalog sales campaign begins.  Families can order directly from the website and items will be shipped to your home, with no shipping costs.   Meadow Wood Farms for Monkton Central School.   If 500 or more items are purchased, MCS gets 40% of the profit.  If less than 500 items, we get 35% of the profit.  This is another opportunity for families to support the PTO.  Another option is to provide a monetary donation to the PTO in the form of check or cash.  We hope people will participate in fundraisers in a way that feels comfortable for your family.

Plans are underway for our Walk Around the Pond event on Friday, October 4.  Congratulations to Addison Wright for her design.  We had over 20 entries.  It was wonderful to see so many students take on the challenge of

providing an artistic design.

Congratulations to Valkyrja Hotmer for being a “Heart Hero”.  She was the

top fundraiser in our Vermont Heart Challenge last year.

Enjoy the weekend.






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