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Dear Families,

      Hello!   We have settled into routines here at MCS quite nicely.    Students continue to demonstrate our school-wide expectations consistently:   Positive Attitude, Act Respectfully, Work Hard, Safe Choices.    Ask your child about how his/her class is celebrating when the Cat Coin Jar is full!   The smiles and enthusiasm for exhibiting these positive behaviors are fabulous.  

     I wanted to recognize the Petrocelli and Welton families for their support of our MCS School Garden.  We now have a wonderful round picnic table in our garden for all to enjoy.   The craftsmanship is wonderful.   It is a pleasure to see students sitting at the table, during recess, drawing or chatting.   It also provides a wonderful place to collect the crops from our garden.  

Our garden is producing vegetables for our cafeteria.   This week students enjoyed homemade meat sauce on their spaghetti.  Delicious!    The sauce was made by Jenny VanNosdeln and Deb Preston, with help from Sierra Birkett, Eliza Preston, and Ashka Violi.   Students learned how to use a Squeezo Strainer to remove the skin and seeds from the tomatoes.  We have also enjoyed carrots and peppers on our salad bar –so fresh and tasty right from our garden.

 Next week parents of students in grades 4 through 6 will receive their child’s Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium (SBAC)  test results in the mail.    This assessment was administered in the spring.   In our correspondence Catrina DiNapoli, Associate Superintendent, provides families with additional information about the assessment.   We continue to work as a staff  to ensure that our learning opportunities provide students with the necessary life skills.

      Within this newsletter there is information  about an ABCD Study for age 9 and age 10 students.  It is a longitudinal study that looks at brain development from now into early adulthood.  Pretty cool!   The doctors from UVM, who are implementing this study sponsored by the National Institute of Health, came to our ANESU Administrators meeting.   All administrators in our supervisory union have agreed to support the work of this study by communicating with families.   I hope we will have some families that decide to participate!

     I hope you will join us for our Open House on Thursday, September 22.  We will begin the evening in the gym.  Our Monkton PTO will have their annual Silent Auction.  Always a fun way to purchase items for friends and family!    Classrooms will be open for visiting from 6:30-7:30.  


Betsy Knox





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