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Dear Families,

         Wow!  What a fabulous school year this has been!   I feel blessed to work with a very dedicated staff, a great group of students, and very supportive families.   Thank you!

              Our week began on Monday with our MCS Field Day.   Our Student Council representatives, under the direction of their advisor Ms. Kate LaRiviere and with support from our Physical Education teacher Mr. Newton, masterfully directed K-6 clusters of children at each field day activity.  Sixth graders not on student council participated by promoting teamwork within their K-6 group.  The encouragement, cheering, and high fives among all students was heart-warming. 

On Wednesday we began the morning with a Hall Walk to honor our sixth grade students.  We then all went outside for the annual sixth grade vs. staff kickball game.    Fun was had by all!   The crowd enjoyed the game, and a bit of dancing as well.

Our last All-School Meeting, hosted by Ms. LaRiviere’s class, was on Thursday morning.  Dawn Thibault from the Monkton town library spoke about the summer library reading program.  Our tradition of the kindergarten students recognizing the sixth graders with flowers continued again this year.

  We celebrated all of the summer birthdays and we said good bye to those staff members who will not be returning to MCS next fall.  Jenny VanNosdeln will be teaching at Bristol Elementary School, Jennifer Morgan and Megan Mitchell will be exploring new endeavors next year.  We wish all of them the best!

              Thank you to the families that joined us for our Annual School Picnic on Thursday.  Deb Preston and Jenny VanNosdeln did a fabulous job preparing food for over 180 people.  The weather was very cooperative and made for a fun event.  

    Students and familes can enjoy the “year in review” through our MCS 2017 yearbook.  This year’s edition is dedicated to Ms. Castle for all she does for our school, our students, and our families.  A special thank you to the following students and their advisor, Ms. LaRiviere, for their commitment to this project:  Lucy Parker, Maia Jensen, Lily Roberts, Natalie Adams, Cassandra Guilmette, Sadie Alderman, Elise Lavigne, and Breanne Preston.

I hope families enjoy the summer with a mix of adventure and relaxation.   Please mark your calendar for Monday August 28 for the Annual Ice Cream Social, here at MCS at 4:30 PM!




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