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starting Tuesday, March 17.

Family Handbook 


Principal's Notes

Hello Families,

 I hope you are doing well and staying healthy.  We wanted to resume our weekly communication with families through our newsletter.  This was one small way we could regain “normalcy” during these challenging times.

  I continue to be incredibly proud of our students, families, and staff for their hard work and engagement as we have made the transition to Remote Learning Plans.   Many of us have dramatically increased our technology skills in a matter of days, not weeks.  I know that our teachers are connecting with students in many different ways!   I am so blessed to work with a staff who go above and beyond to maintain these important relationships with students during this time.

 As a parent I can appreciate the difficulties many of you are facing while working from home AND providing care for your children.  Thank you for your support at home to promote learning remotely.  My hope is that the warmer weather and sunshine have provided the opportunity for lots of outside time.   Fresh air, exercise, and sunshine certainly lift all of our spirits. 

 I also wanted to acknowledge the leadership from Superintendent Reen and the MAUSD staff as they have provided guidance and direction to our schools during this time.  Updates from the Department of Health, the Agency of Education, and the Governor’s Office arrive daily.  Sifting through these guidelines with an eye to implementation has not been easy.   I am grateful to be part of a district that is managing this implementation in a such thoughtful and organized way. 

 Read a Thon:  Over the last week, I have been in communication with the MCS Read a Thon 2020 committee.   This week was to be our closing ceremony!   Sadly, that was not allowed to occur.   We appreciate all of the reading that has occurred over the month of March.   Due to the virus, I know students and staff were reading more minutes than normal.   We will save some of the fun closing ceremony pranks for Read A Thon 2021.  Please see the additional note in this newsletter from the Read a Thon committee.

 Attendance:  While we are “dismissed” from school, we still take “attendance”.   Each teacher has a spreadsheet to record your child’s engagement with class activities.  Attending morning meeting virtually, connecting with a teacher by Google Hangout, completing Lexia online, “handing in” classwork …all of these are examples of “attending” school.   Your child’s participation in these activities count towards our student attendance records for the Agency of Education.   Please help us stay connected with your child by encouraging “attendance” in the learning activities provided in the Remote Learning Plans.  Thank you.

 Technology assistance:  With all of our students using Chromebooks for online learning, there have been only a few challenges with connectivity and hardware.  Good news!  However, should your family be facing technology difficulties, you may email me ( and I will create a work order on your behalf.   I will provide your contact information so that our IT Team can reach out to you by phone to offer suggestions/guidance.  Some challenges can be fixed remotely, which is ideal.   Other times we may need to provide a loaner Chromebook while your child’s is repaired.  Please continue to support your child in treating the Chromebooks with care as each Chromebook costs about $250.  

 Food Delivery:  MAUSD Food Service staff members and our own MCS support staff and teachers continue to provide breakfast and lunch to families using our Monkton bus routes.  Families have been encouraged to provide a cooler for the safe transfer of the food.  However, the people on the bus LOVE to see students and families waiting (using social distancing guidelines) at the bus stop.  The friendly waves, smiles, and opportunities for the visual connection with our students is what makes riding the bus so special.  Meet the bus as often as you can!   Your presence matters!

Enjoy the sunshine and the weekend!






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