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Hello Families,

 We have had a busy week here at school.   We celebrated the 100th day of school.  Many of our staff and students dressed up in honor of this special day.

  I have several important items to share…

         The gym and kitchen will not be available next week during our school vacation from February 17-21.    Work is being done on the facility.

         In January we had a school safety conversation with our local law enforcement personnel and Superintendent Patrick Reen. Beginning February 24, we will be implementing a new protocol for guests entering school during the school day.    When guests arrive at our front door, everyone will be asked the same three questions:

Hello! How are you today?

What’s your name?

Who are you here to see?

  Please understand that even if Cindy knows who you are, we are still asking these same questions to all of our visitors.  This protocol is part of our enhanced building security.  All visitors will sign in and receive a VISITOR lanyard.  

         We will be calling parents of all students who are absent to verify that your child is home with you.  You may call the school after hours and leave a message on the school voicemail (453-2314) to report your child’s absence.  When emailing regarding absence, tardies, or early dismissals, please send your email to the classroom teacher and in the office.  Please help us limit the number of phone calls we need to make in the morning by communicating with us, in advance, of your child’s absence.  Thank you.

 After school vacation, we look forward to Cross Country Ski adventures for our grade 3-6 students.  Please be sure to return the permission slips for this special event.

 I hope all of our families enjoy the vacation time.




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