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BOARD VACANCY Invitation to Submit Letter of Interest

Addison Northeast Supervisory Union



 The Monkton School Board is seeking a Monkton resident interested in serving on the 5-member board as a result of a recent vacancy. It is the responsibility of the School Board to appoint a qualified person to fill this vacancy until an election at a special or the next annual meeting is held. Members of the Monkton community are invited to submit a letter of interest to serve as a board member by Monday, October 24th. The Board will meet with interested individuals on Tuesday, October 25th at 8:00 PM, at Lincoln Community School and will appoint the new member.

Email letter to:, or mail to: Monkton School Board, 72 Munsill Avenue, Suite 601, Bristol, VT 05443.


News from the Principal

Dear Monkton Families,

 What a wonderful Walk Around the Pond 2016!   The weather was amazing.   Thank you to all of the families that joined us for this special event.   What a great way to enjoy some fresh air, exercise our bodies, and foster our community spirit.

  As part of our on-going supports and interventions to students, our school utilizes an assessment tool called the BESS (Behavioral Emotional Social Screener).    Teachers use this tool to help identify students who may be having minor challenges in school, such as following rules and expectations or making friends.  Our goal in using the BESS is to identify which children may need some assistance before minor challenges become big problems.      

We continue to practice our safety drills.   This month we will have an off-site evacuation drill, to the Monkton Fire House, on Monday, October 24, from 1:00-2:30.   We practice this drill in the event of an emergency that would not allow students to re-enter the building.  Specific details about this drill are included in this newsletter.  

 On October 20th, ANESU has an in-service day.   In the morning, ANESU teachers will be working with their grade level colleagues on curriculum content  (K-2: Science,   3-4: Math,  5-6: English/Language Arts).    In the afternoon, Monkton teachers will be at MCS for our building based work.   We will be focusing on science as we look

 at data, review our MCS Science Curriculum Continuum (aligned to Next Generation Science Standards) , and examine resources for teaching.   We appreciate this time to grow professionally in this content area

I wanted to inform families that on October 28th I will be having a surgical procedure.  The recovery period is about two weeks.  In my absence Walter Nardelli, former principal at Williston Central School, will be substituting for me for several days.   ANESU Administrative staff will be providing support to MCS when Mr. Nardelli is not here.   Mr. Nardelli visited the school this week to assist in getting to know our routines and safety protocols.  

 I know that the soccer season is winding down.  Before we know it basketball season will begin; a sure sign of cooler weather. 


Enjoy the weekend.




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