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Dear Families,

      We are in the middle of conducting our January Assessments.  Students in grades 3-6 set a goal for their score in mathematics.  Many students exceeded their goals.   We were proud of the students’ commitment to the assessment and their hard work.  I hear that ice cream will be served Friday afternoon to recognize and celebrate this growth.    

       In addition to academics we have also been working on improving student behavior.  The data from our SWIS system shows that when students make a transgression it is often being “defiant”.   At our staff meeting this week, the adults in the building talked about how we can collectively address “defiance.”  Conversations during morning meetings with the students about why compliance with adult directions is important, acknowledging and naming positive behaviors we see, and providing a choice for the students of two different ways to comply with the teacher direction were some of the ideas we shared.   We cannot run an effective school community where students choose which adult to listen to and which adult to ignore.   Emphasizing the positive behaviors we see is the best way to accomplish our goal of reducing the number of behavior referrals for “defiance.”  Your support of this work is appreciated.

      Enjoy the long holiday weekend. 






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