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Dear Families,

Hello!    Happy Friday!   We have had a wonderful week at MCS.  On Wednesday Ms. Kuzio’s class hosted our January All School Meeting.  Students and guests greeted each other, shared the Pledge of Allegiance, and birthdays.  Ezra Adriance and Blake Allen delighted the audience with a puppet show called “Into the Wild”.  The two boys created this show and practiced during their classroom WIN time.  Each month a class shares some fun adventures with Rocky.  The blog is a way for families to get an inside look at what happens here at MCS during the school day.

We hope many families and community members will attend the MAUSD Budget Presentation at Mt. Abraham in the large cafeteria on Wednesday, January 23, from 5:30 - 7:30 pm.  Attendees will learn about the proposed budget for FY20.  Superintendent Patrick Reen will present the draft budget, answer questions, and ask for feedback and direction from the Board.    Please join us.

Our MCS PAWS expectations include acting respectfully and having a positive attitude.   Sadly we have had a few behaviors this week that were not respectful and positive.  My message to all students this morning, on the announcements, was a reminder:   Be kind to everyone.  You don’t have to be best friends but we do expect kindness.   

Another challenge we are having this week is the use of cell phones during school time and on the playground at recess.  We want students to enjoy the fresh air and exercise, not be on cell phones or iPods.  The protocol at Mt. Abe is for cell phones to be in backpacks, out of sight during the school day.  No cell phones/iPods during the day or at the after school program.  If a student is worried about the security of their phone, we are happy to keep it in the office for the day.  We do know that some students use their phones to connect with parents regarding after school plans.   If this is the case, the student may use their phone in the office and relay the information directly to Ms. Castle.  Thank you for your understanding.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Sounds like there will be plenty of fresh snow to play in!


Betsy Knox



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