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Dear Families,

     We have had a good week at MCS!   Plans are well underway for our Holiday Bazaar.  This event is a long-standing tradition at MCS.  On Sunday, December 15, the gym will be transformed into a marketplace.  Handmade crafts, donated items, and products from local companies are displayed creatively and are available for sale.  On Monday, December 16, students bring a large bag, gift tags with names of their family members, and a small amount of money to school.  Classes visit the Bazaar and students select gifts for family members.    These gifts are then wrapped by volunteers and go home with the student.  It is wonderful to see the spirit of giving so visible on children’s faces.  We are seeking volunteers to make the day successful.  Additional information about how you can help is included in this newsletter.

     On Thursday  Lieutenant Matt DuPont and Assistant Fire Chief Curtis Layn from the Monkton Volunteer Fire Department visited MCS.   They described the gear that firefighters wear to protect them while they are working to rescue people and put out a fire.  Ms. Cota had a chance to become a firefighter and wear the gear!  Several important points were shared with the students that I wanted to pass along to families:

Families should have an identified meeting place, away from the home and away from the driveway. The family can then quickly tell firefighters if anyone is still in the building.

Sleep with your door closed.   If the smoke detector goes off, touch the door with the back of your hand before opening the door.  If the door is hot, do not open it.

Do not hide.  

If there is smoke, get low to the floor.

Make sure your smoke detector has new batteries.

Stop, Drop, and Roll

Thank you Matt and Curtis for your time!  We appreciated your presentation to help us all learn how to stay safe!

      I am pleased to share with you, in April our students will engage in an Artist in Residence program with Circus Smirkus.  The week of April 13 students will work with  Ms. Joni  (former art teacher at MCS)  to learn balance, coordination, and mobility through creative movements.  We will have an afternoon presentation for families on Friday,  April 17!

     Thank you to the following students for helping with our All- School Meeting on Thursday:   Kyle Johnston (class roll call),  Cooper Cook (Pledge of Allegiance),  Grace Smart  (greeting),   Breona Blake and Ivy Schulte (announced the December birthdays).

Have a nice weekend.




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